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December 23 2015


Dare to be different

I am fond of unique jewelry pieces. I love to wear something that is outside of the box. If you are just like me who dares to be different from everyone else, then you will surely love this earring by Le Vian. It is a Le Vian Chocolatier Ocean Wave earrings that feature beautifully sparkling chocolate diamonds and vanilla diamonds. It is set in 14k strawberry gold in a prong setting. It has three big chocolate diamonds in the middle and both ends and a swirl of tiny vanilla diamonds.

I love how Le Vian crafted this earring to perfection. This is my fourth pair of Le Vian earrings, and I wear it on a daily basis. At first, I was skeptical purchasing this earring because I already have a few pairs of Le Vian earrings with me. The thing is I cannot resist the charm of this earring. The moment I saw it, it seems like it has a unique way of enticing me to purchase it. I did purchase it, and I couldn’t be happier. It does cost more, but I don’t mind at all because it gives me more than what I had paid for. It is beautiful, unique, elegant, and crafted to perfection.

December 11 2015


Shelly Sun: Up Close and Personal

Shelly and her husband, J.D. Sun took their relationship to the next level when they decided to become business partners. They launched BrightStar Care, a company dedicated to J.D.’s grandmother. They see the company, not just an from a business perspective, but on a personal level. It probably is one of the reasons BrightStar Care became successful.

We have known Shelly Sun for a business and professional perspective. This time, we will get up close and personal. Shelly met J.D. when their loved ones signed them for a social site, Match.com. Shelly was on her 30s at that time and busy working so she didn’t have much time socializing. On the other hand, J.D. was pressured by his family to find a girl and settle down. It was an instant attraction when Shelly and J.D. met. They got married and started a business a few months after. They launched a company, BrightStar Care, that became a successful brand in the franchising industry.

Shelly is the chief executive officer of her company. She oversaw the entire business operation and admitted that she sometimes didn’t have that much time for leisure. Whenever she has free time, she makes sure that she spends it with her family to have some quality time. When the work becomes too stressful, she takes a short vacation with her husband and children. Shelly is blessed to have twin boys, Luc, and Mike.

Shelly Sun is blessed both in her personal and professional life. Just like many of us, her life is not always a bed of roses, but she knows how to overcome obstacles. As a means of giving back, she published a book entitled, Grow Smart, Risk Less that highlights her journey as an emerging franchisor. There are a lot of learning and realization from her book, which makes it perfect for people who want to make it big in the franchise business industry.

December 03 2015


Knowing What exactly is an Entrepreneur?

If you would like to be aware of the answer towards the question, what exactly is an entrepreneur you'll probably get a different answer from every individual you check with. Each and every unique answer could quite nicely be appropriate. The rationale with the diverse number of responses stems through the proven fact that each and every unique that is definitely an entrepreneur has distinct characteristics and explanations for getting an entrepreneur.

What an entrepreneur does in no way signifies what exactly is an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is about individuality, so it's challenging to define. From the company world an entrepreneur could be the a person that decides to choose over the possibility of starting a fresh undertaking. This usually involves fiscal threat or cash that it is needed to start a different marketplace or notion.  

An entrepreneur (Brightstar Franchise CEO) decides to prospect their money on an concept that they hope will attain them back whatever they set out around the undertaking. They typically prefer to make a different or reasonably unfamiliar entity to build on. A company or sector entrepreneur bases their venture on earnings or earnings from their business niche. A different form of entrepreneur could be the social entrepreneur which hopes that their undertaking should help ecosystem or society in a few method.

Risk-taking is they backbone of many entrepreneurs. They can be keen to danger their money as well as their the perfect time to deliver about a enterprise which they notice could thrive past their wildest desires or could fail miserably. They know each individual of those choices upfront which enable it to be many of the a lot more a challenge they may be willing to get.

Ask any entrepreneur and they'll show you they know it will likely be an uphill fight for most in their endeavors. If there were no problem to it then there could well be no need to have for anyone to hazard or chance getting an entrepreneur. The challenging spirit is one particular that does effectively after you look at the qualities it will take to be an entrepreneur.

So what other attributes make up the entrepreneurial spirit? This is like answering precisely what is an entrepreneur. Any person can make your mind up to be an entrepreneur and actually help it become do the job with perseverance and tolerance however it also requires creativity, spontaneity, and also the dedication never to let failure get them down.

Among the list of important factors and traits it will take for being an entrepreneur is independence. Most entrepreneurs have independence because of the truckload. They like to find a enterprise and do it on their possess. They don't have it in them to answer to anybody else and that's one of several largest causes numerous decide on turning into an entrepreneur around the frequent grind in the daily nine to five style of work.

You may really have to make a decision yourself exactly what the real response should be to what's an entrepreneur? Could it's you? Does one take into consideration factors in a very distinctive way as opposed to standard manner? Are you currently a problem solver that realizes the real difference while in the strategy in the improved mousetrap, or are you aware the mousetrap is okay, there's only a distinctive method to sector it.

This will not be all there is certainly to it. You may have all the excellent characteristics as well as contemplating electricity to generally be a world-class entrepreneur; but are you able to take care of rejection? Staying an entrepreneur consists of an awesome offer of failure right before you achieve success and any terrific entrepreneur will inform you of every one of the failures they skilled to receive to the productive pinnacle.

You won't locate a fairly easy reply to what is an entrepreneur, the things they do or should you be likely to be successful as 1. It's not necessarily likely to be a simple job to perform or any effortless footsteps to wander in whenever you choose being an entrepreneur.

If you do feel that you can deal with failure and results or that you simply have any excellent features that make up the characteristics of the entrepreneur then you really must get it done. When you are willing to get the chance as you comprehend it is likely to make you money or transform modern society for the much better in certain way it is best to just go for it and come to be the entrepreneur you understand you'll be able to be.

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